The Litchfield Hills Driving Club is a  
chapter club of the Carriage Association of America,
a member of the American Driving Society
and a member of the  Connecticut Horse Council

The Litchfield Hills Driving Club, incorporated in 1983, promotes the proper use of horse-drawn vehicles Member of the Month for recreation and competition. Located in the beautiful Litchfield Hills of Connecticut, club members live  throughout Connecticut as well as the wider New England area. The LHDC boasts a membership of widely varied ages from teenagers to retirees whose interests and abilities range from back yard drivers to CDE participants, and from beginners to international competitors. Some members enjoy collecting antique vehicles  and others perform professional level restoration, all love the sport of driving!
Monthly evening meetings are held from September to May featuring speakers or special programs. Three times a year meetings include a pot luck supper. Hospitality and socializing have always been and continue to be an important part of the club's gatherings, everyone is welcome!
From spring to fall the LHDC has a variety of recreational drives at various locations and also has an annual picnic drive. Other activities include clinics, Fun Days & other special events.
We invite all that are interested to become a member of the Litchfield Hills Driving Club, you don't need to be a driver or even own a horse to belong. Members receive a monthly newsletter and become acquainted with some of the friendliest horse people in New England. We hope you will consider joining us in promoting  and participating in carriage driving while enjoying the beautiful Litchfield Hills of Connecticut.